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Changify is Business + Crowdpower + Fun = Better cities

Changify is a platform for locals to share all things they love or would like to change in their neighbourhood.

People come together when a local calls for a Changify walk to share something they care about. In the walk they discover and work with local businesses to get further support for the issue. People socialise on things they care about by taking photos, exchanging ideas, solutions, skills or making neighbourhood prototypes to get backing from local businesses, city councils, groups and brands to help realise the changes.

Changify believes in tapping the power of people and local business to prototype better cities.
Join more than 500 people in 5 cities having fun getting together to make their neighbourhoods better.

Watch Raval locals, Barcelona getting together with visitors to kickstart making market - La Boqueria a nicer place for all.

How do you Changify?

Step 1. Get together to walk and uncover a local place you care about.

Step 2. Spot something? Take a photo. Add your citizen-report on

Step 3. Share your report to either celebrate or raise local awareness.

Optional. Have an idea/solution? Shoot a 2min video to get seed funded.

Optional. Pitch your idea to local biz. Get funded at Changify biz pitches.

Want to Changify your neighbourhood? Get our toolkit & platform. Contact us.

Changify in 6 neighbourhoods in 3 cities in 3 countries

Who uses Changify

Citizens & community groups

Brands and Local Businesses

Councils, Developers and Institutions

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